Till Announces His Move To Middleweight

After losing to UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley earlier this year, Darren Till is announcing his next career move.

In a blog post on PaddyPower.com written by Till, the former title challenger said he plans to move up in weight to middleweight. After some history of missing weight, Till said it is in his best interest to fight at middleweight, but does not rule out the possibility of going back down to welterweight one day.

“I’m a big dude for welterweight to be honest, so that’s probably going to be my last fight at that weight. Welterweight isn’t fully gone for me, but I’m going to be happy going up to middleweight now and I’ll be strong at that weight not having to cut as much weight,” Till said.

“I’m at the pinnacle of my fighting career now, I’m one of the biggest names in MMA right now. I’m fighting the best and I am one of the best.”

Till did not go into detail regarding when he will fight again or who will be his opponent for his middleweight debut. Till was submitted by Woodley at UFC 228 in September, handing the Liverpool, England native his first loss as a pro MMA fighter. Regarding a possible rematch, Till said he might explore one down the line after having a few fights at middleweight.

“I’ll have a few fights at middleweight and you never know, down the line if Woodley is still about then I can have another go at him, that’s a rematch I want. It’s not that I can’t make the weight. I’m just a big lad so I just have to be on such a strict, regimented diet and being honest, I don’t like doing it,” Till said.

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