Till Offers Thompson U.S. Rematch

Following Stephen Thompson’s comments regarding Darren Till getting a “hometown” advantage, in their fight at UFC’s Liverpool debut last weekend, Till is down to run it back in the US.

While on the MMA Hour this week, Thompson claimed that, “I’d like to think of the judges as being professional and focusing on the fight and not what the fans are doing.”

“People were saying that every time a punch would whiff by you — not even make contact — the crowd was going crazy. I don’t know. That could be a possibility, yeah.”

Till walked away with a controversial unanimous decision of 48-47, 49-46, 49-46, and now is willing to go to the US.

“You’ve got all these experts out here saying this, saying that, because it was in Liverpool,” Till said.

“If anyone wants me to go to America and fight Stephen again, [and] Stephen definitely wants it and he’s not injured, I can do that as soon as possible, that rematch.”

Original Story: MMA Mania

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