Tim Bradley Gives His Final Thoughts Ahead Of Spence Vs. Crawford

Tim Bradley has given his final thoughts ahead of the undisputed welterweight showdown between Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford.

Both fighters made weight, as the time for talking is almost over. Spence’s three belts, IBF, WBA and WBC, will go up against Crawford’s WBO belt in a bout that will define the best welterweight of this era.

Although Bradley has previously picked Crawford to come out on top, the former world champion could see why Spence may pose a problem. 

He highlighted the Truth’s ability to break down his opponents with his jab and volume punching.

Getting a fighter like Crawford to stand in the pocket and trade is going to be difficult, but Spence’s fundamentals could negate any counterpunching coming from Crawford. 

“He systematically breaks down his opponents, starting with his jab. Spence throws a sturdy jab with technical pressure that can be used to stall Crawford’s offense. His consistent jab can frustrate a prolific counterpuncher of Crawford’s nature.

“Spence’s disciplined boxing fundamentals applied to his solid defensive habits can make even the most patient and seasoned fighter erratic, frustrated and impatient,” Bradley

Despite this being the case, Bradley doubled down on his beliefs that Crawford would find a way to win, given his ability to make adjustments. 

“Spence’s fans see and why they pick him to defeat Crawford. But one thing is for sure: Personally, I don’t know one person who can take down a Rubik’s cube,” Bradley

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