Tim Kennedy Opens Up On Infamous UFC Unionization Effort

In late 2016, five popular MMA athletes and former Bellator owner Bjorn Rebney tried one last time to capture all the UFC titles under a united front. The five athletes involved were Georges St-Pierre (26-2-0), Cain Velasquez (14-3-0), Donald Cerrone (36-16-0), T.J. Dillashaw (18-4-0), and Tim Kennedy (18-6-0).

The combination of their efforts was referred to as Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association (MMAAA). “Whenever we fought, we felt confused. This isn’t the same as fighting individually. I know many of us are afraid, but it is time to step up,” St-Pierre told the group in a media call.

This idea was welcomed with open arms by the UFC fans. Even though there was skepticism due to Rebney’s involvement, it was the first time when a group of quality UFC fighters marked their support for a unionization effort.

Despite the excitement, the idea never came to fruition. Kennedy, a former board member, discussed this issue in the MMA Hour.

“We needed athletes to be a part of this agreement, this union. Dana White had control over such athletes. Whenever they had an agreement to sign or an organization to be part of, they had to do it as one. This is where the individuality of the athletes kicked in,” Kennedy elaborated.

“The fighters were always involved in signing one agreement after the other. There was such a fear in repercussions that no one would sign the agreements without any second thoughts,” Kennedy concluded.

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