Tim Tszyu Rallies Back For Unanimous Decision Win Vs. Terrell Gausha

Tim Tszyu was dropped in the first round.

It seemed that the Australian’s US debut wasn’t going to go as he had hoped, but Tszyu managed to rally back and earned a decision win on Saturday against Terrell Gausha.

Tszyu got up to his feet almost as quickly as he was dropped.

“It’s simple, a flash knockdown. Right on right. Got me on perfect timing,” Tszyu told ESPN.

“Look, it was good that I faced adversity for the first time and I was able to come back.”

Tszyu began to apply pressure throughout the next rounds. And the pressure got hot when Guasha went down in the fourth round, though it was ruled a slip.

In the fifth round, Tszyu continued to hammer away at his opponent, but Gausha continued to stand his ground.

This seemed to become the pattern by the seventh round – Tszyu continued to attack while Gausha was more on the defensive side.

By the 10th and final round, it seemed clear that Tszyu had done enough to rally back for a win. He walked out of his US debut with a unanimous decision win.

“I was just enjoying myself. I felt in control the whole time,” Tszyu said.

“I kept the pressure on. I wasn’t going to back down. I kept landing shots.”

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