Tim Tszyu Vs. Tony Harrison Press Conference Controversy-What Happened?

Tim Tszyu and Tony Harrison’s official press conference before their upcoming fight on March 12th, 2023, was both amusing and unusual at times.

Ever since the fight was declared, Harrison had been trying to provoke Tszyu through a strange mix of friendly compliments and insults.

At the presser the out-of-control situation started when Nikita Tszyu, who was also fighting, commented that his brother had undergone a significant transformation, becoming like a ‘beautiful butterfly.’

The situation escalated from there. Tim made a dramatic entrance in a bright red truck, which was uncharacteristic of his usually modest and understated demeanor.

Harrison’s Response

Harrison criticized Tim’s behavior and called it an unnecessary show of theatrics and was completely different to Tszyu, as the American appeared shirtless: “He got out of that car like a diva.

“You had somebody open the door for you. He’s just different, man. I’m not knocking him. I’m just opposite,” to which Tszyu replied: “That was a bit of a low blow … that’s not right.”

“When they see me on that sideline with my shirt off, they knew I had next… I meant f*****g business. Business or b*****s. This one? I think Tim knows why my shirt is off. I like him. I don’t think he understands how corny he is. I like him, though.”

Tszyu Fires Back

“I don’t like him right now. I’m ready to fight now. There’s no kisses and hugs. Why would I like you? I’m going to punch you in the face in a couple of days, bro. Why would I like you? I’m coming here to fight. There’s a dog in me right now. I feel like a pitbull, man.”

Tszyu is putting his undefeated record and his chance to become a unified world champion at risk by facing the only person who has defeated Jermell Charlo.

The two fighters will compete for the Interim WBO Super Welterweight championship, but there can only be one winner.

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