Tito Blames Cyborg’s Boyfriend For Fracture

While Tito Ortiz’s relationship with the UFC and Dana White is fractured, the former light heavyweight champion was looking to avoid that from happening to former UFC champion Cris Cyborg.

Cyborg recently ended her relationship with Ortiz’s Primetime 360 agency, and while Ortiz was not running the day-to-day for Cyborg’s career since 2014, he was still helping out the Brazilian star.

Now, as Ortiz prepares for his own fight on December 7th, he lays the blame for the ended partnership at the feet of Cyborg’s boyfriend’ and new manager Ray Elbe.

“I haven’t worked with Cris Cyborg since before the Amanda (Nunes) fight,” Ortiz told The Score (transcribed by The Body Lock). “Her boyfriend, I guess you can say manager also, made some bad decisions for her and I kind of had to step away. I made a lot of mistakes with the UFC, and I tried to keep her from doing the same mistakes.”

“She’s a big girl, and she can make her decisions, but she was making the wrong decisions. Or I could say her boyfriend was making the wrong decisions for her. But that was just my opinion and I wish all the luck to her,” Ortiz continued. “I tried to give as much as I possibly could to her, but she just was willing to listen to someone else who hasn’t been in the same shoes that I have been in. I guess everyone learns from mistakes, and hopefully, she’ll learn from the mistakes that she’s made and make a positive reinforcement for the future for her.”

Cyborg left the UFC under acrimonious circumstances this past summer and will debut for Bellator in January against featherweight champion Julia Budd.

Quotes: Body Lock


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