TKO’s Ari Emanuel’s 2023 Earnings: $65M, Including $20M Bonus From UFC

TKO Group Holdings Inc. CEO Ari Emanuel earned approximately $65 million last year, including a $20 million bonus from the UFC. 

The news follows the merger between the UFC and WWE to form TKO Group Holdings Inc. The deal valued the company at $21 billion. The UFC produced a record revenue of $1.3 billion last year. This included 20 sold-out events, with seven of them becoming the UFC’s highest-grossing events ever. 

The big bonuses were not a surprise. The Securities and Exchange Commission broke down the details. Emanuel’s package included $911,538 in salary, a $24 million bonus, and $40,000,094 in stocks. Emanuel also took home a $20 million bonus from the UFC. The TKO President and Chief Operating Officer, Mark Shapiro, also took home a big portion. His package included a $9 million bonus and over $6 million in stocks.

The chief financial officer, Andrew Schleimer, secured over $8.7 million, with a $5 million bonus and over $3.1 million in stocks. Meanwhile, the WWE President and member of the TKO board, Nick Khan, has more than $32 million. This included $15 million in bonuses and over $12 million in stocks. 

TKO is targeting another big year. The WWE signed a five-year deal to air Monday Night Raw on Netflix, which is worth $10 billion, starting next year. The UFC is also targeting another big TV deal as their ESPN expires next year, leaving TKO’s future very bright. 

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