Tokyo Olympics Boxing Preview

The season of Olympics games is upon us with thousands of world-class athletes from around the globe who are set to compete in various grueling sports that will test their heart grit, and determination to become the holder of Olympic gold.

The Olympics are a great display of high-caliber sports performances by sports competitors on a world stage. There is a plethora of talent to showcase for a wide audience and millions watching around the world. The lineup of players eager to represent their country and bring home gold is stacked. There is an immense level of talent in these young prospects. No other event happening in the Olympics has the same animosity as that of boxing. The arenas are filled to the max after the vaccine got utilized and the stage is set.

There are many fierce competitors in both men’s and women’s boxing. Some of the top amateur contenders worldwide are set to clash in the ring for these Olympics games. Many countries have qualified, and a lot of top prospect boxers are making their way to Japan.

This coming Saturday, the men and women Featherweight and Welterweight preliminaries will take place with some heavyweight action. Followed by women’s flyweight, men’s lightweight, and plenty of action from middleweight. The preliminaries for all weight divisions will continue till August 1st, after which the quarterfinals and semifinals will proceed. Finally, the gold medals will all be awarded by August 8th. Many players are determined to get the gold medal for their respected country and represent their homeland globally.

There are many talented rising amateur boxers in all weight categories making their way to the Tokyo Olympics with both men and women competitors. Over the years, some of the biggest names in boxing came through completing in the Olympics first.

Big names like Gennady Golovkin, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, and Billy Joe Saunders have competed in the Olympics in their amateur careers. The Olympics are a great platform to breed prospects for boxing. As a result, many raw talents get the chance to box for their country and shine on the world stage. This opportunity comes once every four years, and boxers worldwide get prepared to throw it all on the line and bring back the Olympic gold.

Golovkin (Far Left) Photo Credit: BBC

The event is stacked with furious completion from around the world, with countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan qualifying for nearly every weight category in both men and women divisions. These countries possess some of the best amateur boxers the world has ever seen. If the boxers from these countries are put in the ring, they will likely reach the finals and win medals. It came as a shock announcement that professional boxers will be allowed to take part in the Olympics.

This opens a whole new door of opportunities to test the amateur ranks against top-level professional athletes. With the recent announcement, new amateur prospects will head to head against professional boxers; there have been many negative opinions about the decision. It is thought that it will ruin amateur competition by pitting them against boxers they can’t possibly beat.

But this could be a step in the right direction as it could boost the competitiveness of the Olympic roster by introducing top talent to challenge and overcome in the games. Whoever can reach the finals and win medals at such a high level of experience will definitely be an outstanding boxer. This exposure to professional talent can make the distinction of being an Olympic boxer very high stack.

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