Tokyo Olympics: Judako Teddy Riner Explains Why He’s Okay With Missing Out On Gold

Teddy Riner has lost to top-ranked Russian Tamerlan Bashaev in the quarterfinals at Tokyo Olympics 2020. He managed to win bronze, but the 10-time world champion heavyweight seemed okay with the circumstances.

Riner is a well-known name in judo. The 32-year-old has summited almost every big judo star.
”I’m very proud to have a fourth medal,” Riner said after the loss. “I think everybody knows the Olympic Games is difficult for everyone. I’m not disappointed. I’m very happy with the journey I went on. It has been difficult, but the Olympics is the dream of all sportsmen. When you arrive, it’s just amazing. This is the reason to work every day, every minute.”

The Frenchman came into this year’s Olympics unseeded due to prolonged inactivity. Despite being out of sight for a while, the 6-foot-8 Riner rapidly notched two impressive wins to reach the quarterfinals of the games.

Against Bashaev, Riner fell onto his back as he attempted to throw his opponent. As a result, Bashaev was given declared the winner by a waza-ari on a Sumi-otoshi throw after video review.

As for the future, Riner has outlined two options at his disposal. “The team competition, maybe another gold for me? And then Paris, ’24, I will prepare. And then after, I close the book.”

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