Tom Asinall Explains That He Believes Jon Jones Does Not Want To Fight Him

Following Tom Aspinall being crowned as UFC interim heavyweight champion over Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295, the Englishman seems to expect more interaction with current division titleholder Jon Jones, but that just has not been the case.

The interim title match in which Aspinall achieved interim championship status was a result of an injury that forced the postponement of Jones defending his title versus Stipe Miocic. Since the win over Pavlovich, Aspinall has been actively seeking a fight with Jones, assuming he gets past Miocic, but it is becoming more obvious to the Brit that the stars may never align.

Speaking on the subject in the past, Jones has left his options open regarding a fight with Aspinall. But, many fans feel that following a possible victory over Miocic when they finally meet, the legendary UFC champion could put down his gloves.

“We were both doing meet and greets, but we were like 20 meters away from each other,” Aspinall said. “The whole day! I was like, I can’t just leave without saying hello. I just want to go and say hello. But his manager didn’t want me to go over. … Even when I went over, I was pretty close to him and he was like, ‘No, no, no, no! You can’t do this!’ [I said,] ‘I’m just saying hello. I just want to say hello. I’m not trying to cause a scene or nothing.’

“I honestly wasn’t trying to cause a scene. I just wanted to see, face-to-face — I was like, ‘Are we going to do this? Oh, I’d like to,’ and he gave me the brush off. And that’s it.”


The pair recently had an unexpected run in at the Arnold Sports Festival in Birmingham. The encounter was civil, but Jones denied the suggestion of a face off photo between the two. Aspinall feels this was a calculated approach on the champion’s part, as a face photo may insinuate the possibility of a future matchup.

“I wanted to face off,” Aspinall said. “Jon’s smart, you know? … Jon will not say anywhere — you can’t find it, it’s not out there — that he will fight me. He won’t say it anywhere publicly. He won’t say it. You can’t find a clip, a quote, nothing, anywhere, of Jon Jones saying, ‘One day I’m going to fight Tom Aspinall, and I’m going to freaking beat the brakes off him. That’s what I’m going to do.’ That doesn’t exist. He doesn’t want any evidence, anywhere, of him agreeing to any kind of fight with me, because he doesn’t want to go back on that.

“He doesn’t want to do a faceoff because that promotes a potential fight. When I ask him, ‘Jon are we going to do this?’ He doesn’t say, ‘Absolutely. Let me get Stipe out of the way and we’ll do it.’ He’ll instead say, ‘Oh, maybe one day.’ Because he doesn’t want that quote of, ‘We’re going to fight one day.’ It’s super smart.”


Despite no official date specified, the plan is still for Jones to square off with Miocic later this year, but the bouts are not mutually exclusive and Aspinall could eventually face Jones if he decides to continue fighting.

For now, the interim champ is forced to wait and see how the top of the heavyweight division unravels, and wait for his next moment to shine.



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