Tom Aspinall On Tense Jon Jones Encounter “I Have No Beef With The Guy And Just Wanted To Meet Him”

Tom Aspinall expressed that he meant no disrespect during a recent conversation with Jon Jones at Arnold’s Sports Festival UK in Birmingham, England.

During a respectful introduction between the UFC’s heavyweight champion and interim titleholder, Aspinall put his hand on Jones’ shoulder. This is where things got a little awkward, as Jones lightly pushed Aspinall’s hand away.

While nothing came of the physical contact that the champion clearly wanted no part of, Aspinall clarified that he did not mean to disrespect Jones, and was simply trying to be friendly.

“I think he thought I was putting my hand on his shoulder being disrespectful. But I wasn’t there to be disrespectful. I was doing it in a friendly way, I’m not trying to cause any beef. I’m trying to fight the guy and take his belt. I have no beef with the guy and just wanted to meet him.”

Jones has been recently travelling while he recovers from the injury that ultimately lead to Aspinall receiving the interim title. But, unfortunately for the Englishman, the UFC still plans to schedule Jones versus the heavyweight legend Stipe Miocic in 2024, before the opportunity to unify the division becomes a possibility.

Though, the chance for fans to see “Bones” versus Aspinall is not a pipe dream at this time. Jones recently caught up with Submission Radio and revealed that the Aspinall fight interests him, despite rumors that the matchup with Miocic could be his final bout. That being said, Jones also commented that Tom has not proven himself to determine the moves that the current champion makes, and that there is unfinished business with Miocic.

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