Tommy Fury Offers Jake Paul Fight In ‘Neutral Country,’ Says Confident Fight Will Happen

Tommy Fury is asking for another chance.

It looks like the second attempt at a Fury versus Jake Paul fight won’t be happening at Madison Square Garden on August 6. Due to Fury’s denial into the U.S., Paul has replaced his opponent to Hasim Rahman.

Paul and Rahman agreed to the fight on Thursday.

“I’m gutted and disappointed in regards to the issues I have faced with entry into the USA,” Fury wrote on Instagram.

“This is something that myself or my team could have never anticipated happening. This situation has been left with my lawyers, as being denied entry to a county is obviously a very serious issue and it needs to subsequently be resolved.

“I am confident this fight will happen when this issue gets resolved and we come to a solution. I want to clarify that I will fight in a neutral country that both parties can enter. This can be any time, any place, anywhere.”

The British boxer’s denial into the U.S. has been reportedly linked to his family’s alleged ties with accused Irish crime boss Daniel Kinahan, who has been sanctioned by the country and is looking to arrest him.

But these reports have yet to be confirmed.

One Boxing Scene report said Fury was able to enter the U.S. to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday – after the U.S. sanctioned Kinahan and those close to him.

The younger half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury said he was prohibited from entering the States after trying to fly into New York for a press conference at Madison Square Garden.

Paul had accused Fury of “hiding” and moved onto a new opponent – Rahman.

Fury pulled out of their original fight in December due to a bacterial infection and injury, reports said. Paul fought Tyron Woodley a second time and won by knockout.

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