Tonon Represents True Essence of BJJ

Garry Tonon did something impressive on November 7 at the EBI Invitational, winning the 205lb tournament only weighing 169lbs.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known as a martial art that allows the smaller man or woman to survive and defend themselves against a larger opponent.  Garry Tonon released the true essence of BJJ showing us in true professional fashion how functional and effective it can be.   Garry Tonon beat Vinny Magahlaes via overtime fastest escape. The larger Magalhaes maintained a positionally dominant base throughout the match maneuvering from the top but was unable to get Tonon to submit. Much like most of the matches throughout this tournament, the final was decided on the overtime rounds, where Garry Tonon stole the victory through a fastest escape. 

The "Lion Heart" stepped in for his injured teammate, Gordon Ryan, on a few days’ notice. Tonon gave up at least 40 pounds or more to each of his opponents. Tonon used his technique and quickness to not only counter the offense from his opponents, but was aggressively attempting various submission attempts. Tonon frequently scored takedowns and creating his familiar scrambles to attacks.  Tonon finished the day two for two, two different heel hook submissions and two fastest escapes.

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