Tony Bellew vs. David Haye Live Results

Back in 2016, David Haye called out Tony Bellew after Bellew was done with a cruiserweight world title defense, creating one of the biggest British boxing rivalries in recent memory. The two finally had a grudge match last year with Bellew coming out on top and Haye suffering an achilles injury during the bout.

Fast forward one year later and Haye is out to prove that their first encounter was a fluke win for Bellew and that he’s the superior boxer. The two will engage in a rematch today in the scene of their first encounter: the O2 Arena in London as Haye has now fully recovered from his injuries.

Much like the first encounter, the rematch will have no title on the line, but that doesn’t mean this will be anything resembling a friendly bout. Given the bad blood between the two that was showcased in the buildup to both of their fights, the rematch could end up being an all out brawl.

For Haye, the rematch is a chance at redemption for him after he had been considered the favorite to win the first fight, but his achilles injury made it impossible for him to come out on top. For Bellew, the rematch is a chance for him to show he is a legitimate heavyweight contender after finding world title gold as a cruiserweight less than two years ago.

Tony Bellew vs. David Haye

Round 1: Both fighters throw the jab a lot, trying to find their range in the early going. Haye is the more active fighter in the first round. Bellew throws a couple of combinations but they don’t fully land. Haye lands a strong right hand at the end of the round.

Round 2: Bellew opens the round by landing a solid body shot and then a straight right hand. Haye connects with a couple of short left uppercuts that momentarily put Bellew to the ropes. Haye throws another combination and both men then taunt each other at the same time.

Round 3: Each man gets a chance to land their respective jabs in the first minute of the round. Haye pressures Bellew with a flurry of punches, but Bellew remains calm. Both fighters now try to attack the body.

Bellew misses with the right body hook. Bellew and Haye continue to throw the jab. The two start brawling and Bellew knocks down Haye twice in the last 15 seconds of the round.

Round 4: Bellew takes the momentum gained from the two knockdowns and starts landing power punch after power punch on a recovering Haye. Bellew is now the one moving forward as Haye is trying to find an opening to turn the fight around. Bellew continues to land the right hand.

Round 5: Haye sticks to being in the center of the ring as Bellew moves around. Bellew lands another flurry of punches that sees his right hand finding the mark on Haye’s jaw. Bellew takes down Haye for the third time!! Haye gets back up, but Bellew corners and throws everything but the kitchen sink. The referee has to step in and stop the fight. Bellew is your winner once more.

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