Tony Ferguson Reportedly Arrested For DUI After Car Collision

Tony Ferguson was reportedly taken into custody at the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to reports, on May 6th, 2023, Ferguson collided with two stationary vehicles outside a nightclub in Hollywood, California.

In the video here, as per OnScene.TV, Ferguson’s white Chevy truck flipped over, as the full damage is clearly on show.

It was further alleged by TMZ that Ferguson apparently declined to take a sobriety test and was described as very uncooperative.

According to officers present, Ferguson had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. While that may have been the case, there is nothing to suggest that anyone was injured in the incident as of this moment.

And yet, there could still be some trouble on the horizon. He is currently facing a misdemeanor charge, which could lead to his license being revoked, despite him being given bail of $30,000.

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