Trainer: Tim Duncan Can Be A Serious MMA Competitor

In one of those stories that makes you stop and stare, Bleacher Report released an interview with Jason Echols, a Kickboxing trainer based out of San Antonio. Last week on twitter, Echols released a video of him training with one of his clients that drew the interest of users across social media, that client… NBA legend Tim Duncan.

Duncan, who retired after the 2015-16 season walked off into the sunset quietly after putting together a career that rivals great centers such as Wilt Chamberlin and Bill Russell, has shifted his focus to kickboxing.

Echols heaps humongous praise upon the former three time NBA Finals MVP stating that,

 He’s my No. 1 student by far. Again, his athleticism and size and competitive spirit and his exposure to being an athlete. I jokingly said to someone else that it could be a cupcake-baking contest and he would win because he’s just good at whatever he does. The sophistication level of him absorbing the martial arts that we have is very, very high. It’s not hard for him to catch up with his capabilities.


And when Duncan’s NBA mentor and Dream Team member David Robinson came to spar with Duncan, Echols can only express shock.

 I sat next to David Robinson’s son, Justin [a 6’9″ redshirt sophomore with the Duke basketball team], and we sat there with our mouths hanging open. It was bizarre. They’re freaking enormous. We were in shock. Tim would turn around and wait for us to say something coach-like, but I was stunned. There was nothing I could say. They are both so humongous.

When asked about a potential foray into MMA much like former NFL running back Herschel Walker, and WWE stars CM Punk and Brock Lesnar, Echols thinks it would be an easy transition for the 40 year old.

[Duncan] would be a legit competitor. For sure. He has a desire to learn and compete. He has the heart for it. He most definitely would be a competitor. I would highly encourage him not to. Being a retired Spurs player, I wouldn’t want him going out there and getting punched and kicked by some of those guys, but Tim would be a competitor.

Read the full Bleacher Report profile here

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