Training Partner: “Jones Was Set Up”

Frank Lester, who trains with Jon Jones at the Jackson Wink gym in New Mexico claims that Jon Jones was set up and finds it absurd that he failed his test.

In an interview with TMZ, Lester claims that he was there when Jones found out,

“I was just at dinner sitting next to Jon Jones when he got the phone call about this failed drug test.”

Lester would go on to say that what USADA is claiming is illogical.

“Supposedly the story is between weigh ins and fight night he took an oral steroid. Which makes zero sense since it wouldn’t do anything at all for Jon to do so. It takes weeks for steroids to build up in your system to be a performance enhancer. Jon was devastated to say the least.”
“This is a setup, straight-up, no athlete would test clean his entire fight camp, and then randomly take some cheap ******* oral steroid between weigh ins and fight night knowing he would be tested once he got done fighting.”

If Jones’ appeal is not upheld, he will be facing a four year ban from the sport for his second offense. Jones’ first event came prior to UFC 200 where he served a one year suspension for taking a testosterone enhancer that is known to be used by those coming off an anabolic steroid cycle. If this decision by USADA is maintained, Lester believes that this may be the end of Jones’ career.

“This is a straight setup. They are trying to ruin this kid’s life. It makes no sense and Jon wouldn’t do it… Let’s see what happens with all of this but I truly believe Jon is innocent & I hope that all of you will give him a fair chance before you send hateful judgments his way.”

Original Story: TMZ
Additional Info: Bloody Elbow

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