Trout Says Emotions Will Cost Charlo

Ahead of his fight tomorrow night with WBC Super Welterweight Champion Jermell Charlo, Austin Trout did not mince words in comparing the champ to his brother, Jermall, who he lost to a couple years ago.

“I feel like Jermall is the better fighter all-around,” he told FIGHT SPORTS.

“As people, Jarmall is a little more reserved, a little more grown-up, so to speak, whereas Jermell, he’s very emotional, he pops off very fast. He’s ill-tempered, I don’t know if it’s ‘roid rage, or coke rage, or what’s going on, but he’s just way too emotional for no reason.”

Charlo, upon hearing what Trout said about him being emotional, was not exactly pleased.

“Ain’t no emotions,” he told FIGHT SPORTS. “I don’t let my emotions [get in the way]. What they think is emotion is really passion. I don’t care what he says, what he does. The night is mine. I’m trying to own it, I’m owning it before I get in there. I’m letting him know how I feel. What the hell are they talking about? The only emotions I have is the fierce energy I take into the ring so every punch comes crisp and sharp. It’s not about being emotional, or dramatic, or any of that B.S. I like my jab and I like to throw it. I like my right hand and I like to throw it. I like to slip and weave and move with the punches like ‘Oh, I made you miss.’”


Not only does Charlo not appreciate Trout’s comments, but he pushed back against the idea that he had much to learn from his brother’s victory over their mutual opponent, as well. “We trained in the same gym as Austin Trout once before,” he said. “There’s some similarities. There are some things I’ve heard about Trout that I personally feel I have the advantage of, and I don’t think his fight with my brother [matters] because styles make fights. I have a different style.” To the champion, a lot of that difference comes down to that Trout should not expect him to put on a predictable performance on Saturday.

“I might let Trout walk forward, just so I can bang him up a little bit different,” he explained.

“Or I might be the one pressing the action. I know a lot of people come in there thinking that I’m this animal, but I actually set up my knockouts. I don’t just throw them. I place my knockouts in a position, like chess and checkers, diligently, and make sure I’m not just wasting time and wasting punches. But if he wanted to throw a lot of punches and bang and brawl, I’m all for it.”

If nothing else, it’s clear that the champion is as confident as Trout is, if not more so, telling FIGHT SPORTS that “At the end of the day, the night is mine.”

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