Tszyu Disrupts Thurman’s Interview, Downplays His Threat

Tim Tszyu gatecrashed Keith Thurman’s interview with Shawn Porter ahead of their fight on March 30.

Thurman and Tszyu will headline PBC’s first PPV with Amazon Prime Video in a non-title fight. Thurman has only fought once since losing to Manny Pacquiao in 2019, beating Mario Barrios in 2022. A combination of injuries and inactivity have hampered the former Unified Welterweight Champion’s career.

Tszyu is in impressive form, having become the WBO Junior Middleweight Champion. The Australian was elevated to a full champion after Jermell Charlo was stripped for not facing him. Tszyu successfully defended his title against Brian Mendoza, securing a unanimous decision in his last fight. Heading into the fight, Tyzyu downplayed Thurman’s threat by highlighting his inactivity. 

Thurman: “Listen man, most people don’t know shit about boxing. I guess that means you too, Tszyu. ‘I’m a clubber, I’ma club him. Boxing, baby. That’s the sweet science.”

Tszyu: “My last fights I haven’t been hit, man. I walked out fresh. What are you talking about?”

Thurman: “That’s what I’m saying, they picked some nice fights for you. Them dudes ain’t hungry like me, bro.”

 Tsyzu: “Hungry?! You’ve been on a f***in’ vacation for five years. Hungry? What are you talking about, man?”

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