‘TUF 31’ Episode 6 Recap: Late Comeback Sparks Conflict Between The Coaches

In the latest episode of ‘The Ultimate Fighter 31’, Kurt Holobaugh and Lee Hammond faced off in an intense battle, as the latter opened up on his relationship with Conor McGregor.

Throughout the show, McGregor and Hammond developed a unique friendship, with the Irishman teaching Hammond a move he called ‘the nose-breaker.’

In response, Hammond expressed his admiration for McGregor’s coaching.

“Conor has shown me so much. He’s shown me that it’s possible to do what you put your mind to – when you really believe in yourself that anything is possible,” Hammond

Meanwhile, Holobaugh received some physical and mental training from Michael Chandler, who guided him through visualization techniques to enhance his performance.

However, McGregor was absent once again during the weigh-ins, which disappointed Chandler and raised questions about the message McGregor was sending. 

The Fight

The fight between Holobaugh and Hammond unfolded with the latter initially dominating the grappling exchanges.

Despite Holobaugh’s attempts to escape, Hammond managed to maintain control. Holobaugh eventually got back on his feet. 

In between rounds, McGregor urged Hammond to release his guard if necessary, offering guidance.

In the second round, Hammond landed a significant strike, followed by a stepping knee.

And yet, Holobaugh stopped Hammond from trying to get him in a mount. Instead, Holobaugh got around that by grabbing Hammond’s neck.

Ultimately, Hammond tapped out, stunning McGregor. Following the fight, McGregor confronted Chandler, and their heated exchange escalated with the Irishman pushing Chandler.

The situation was quickly diffused by the intervention of UFC President Dana White.

Holobaugh’s victory marks the sixth win for Team Chandler, further extending their lead over Team McGregor.

Result: Kurt Holobaugh def. Lee Hammond via submission – Round 2

The score: Team Chandler (6), Team McGregor (0)

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