‘TUF 31’: Team McGregor Avoids A Whitewash With Their First Win

Conor McGregor’s team avoided a humiliating whitewash as Rico DiSciullo secured a second-round KO over Hunter Azure, from Michael Chandler’s team, in the latest episode of ‘TUF 31.’ 

In the process of doing so, DiSciullo entered as the sole member of team McGregor in the semi-finals, as the overall record stood at 7-1 in favor of team Chandler.

DiSciullo attempted to keep the bantamweight match-up away from the ground by negating Azure’s takedown.

However, that proved problematic as Azure began to punish DiSciullo with some heavy blows.

Although Azure did suffer a cut on his head, he was sensing a stoppage only for DiSciullo to make it to the end of the round. 

But that is when DiSciullo responded with a remarkable second round. An uppercut and a right hand sent Azure staggering backwards.

This was followed up by another right hand as Azure failed in a takedown attempt. Thereafter, DiSciullo connected with a leg kick and a right hand that sent Azure to the floor.

And in the follow up, the referee stopped the bout. After the result, McGregor and Chandler exchanged a few verbals as the first semi-final line-up was revealed. 

Roosevelt Roberts and Austin Hubbard, both from team Chandler, will face off first with everything to play for.

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