Tushishvili Suspended For Competing In Kurash

After numerous warnings by the IJF, World Champion Guram Tushishvili, will be unable to repeat as Grand Slam champion.

Tushishvili has been suspended by the IJF due to  IJF SOR Section 4.1 where an athlete classified in any IJF World Ranking, is not allowed to compete in any international combat sports competition, unless the IJF authorized the competitor to do so.

A two month suspension has been handed down to the 2018 Grand Slam champion after competing at  Kurash Championships. Kurash is a specific style of wrestling practiced in Central Asia.

Tushishvili was well aware of the risks, as the top judoka was warned numerous times for competing in Kurash, but still made the attempt to win a $50,000 USD prize, but would only make it to the semi-finals.

Tushishvili is not the only judoka to compete in other combat sports, as 20 of the 108 medal winning athletes at the 2018 World Sambo championships competed in either IJF World Tour or Continental Open tournaments since 2016, ten of which competed in the IJF World Tour in 2018.


Initial Report: Judo Inside

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