Two Petrol Bombs Thrown At Conor McGregor’s Black Forge Inn Pub

Police are looking into a pair of bombs that were found on the premises of Conor McGregor’s Black Forge Inn Pub.

Two petrol bombs were reportedly thrown at the Dublin-based pub overnight. The bombs didn’t detonate and no injuries were reported. There was no damage caused.

McGregor bought the pub for €2 million last year, which was later rebranded and remodeled.

This pub is also where McGregor assaulted an older patron, which later fined him 1,000 euros.

McGregor has become one of the biggest names in the UFC and in sports in general. He is a former champion, but is recovering from a loss against Dustin Poirier, which left him with a broken leg.

He is projected to return to the octagon later this year.

Local police are encouraging any witnesses to come forward with information to help with the investigation. They are also seeking dashcam footage to help identify any suspects.

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