Tyron Woodley Discusses Displeasure Over UFC Fighter Pay

Former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley recently spoke out on the flawed structure of the organization’s fighter pay.

Tyron Woodley, often mentioned while discussing the best UFC welterweights of all time, competed in the UFC between 2016 and 2021, with a championship reign that spanned three years.

In a recent interview with current ONE flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson on the MIGHTYCast Podcast, Woodley pointed to fighter pay as his main reason for his displeasure during his time with the UFC. Specifically, the former champion pointed to making roughly the same amount of money as Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, who never achieved UFC titleholder status.

“I was going to leave the UFC after (fighting) Darren Till,” Woodley said on the “MIGHTYcast” with Demetrious Johnson. “I told them, ‘F*cking cut me, dog. Ya’ll don’t want me here. Why ya’ll keep holding on to me, dog?’ We (kept) fighting and sh*t every fight because you know how I was. I was a gorilla. … I knew the numbers so well. I knew what everybody was making. I’m not gonna go out there and be making the same as ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone.

“That motherf*cker ain’t never touched gold in his life. That’s just a principle thing. Sometimes when you’re an African-American in this game, they think you should just be appreciative. I’m not just appreciative. I’m thankful that you gave me an opportunity, but you didn’t give me the gifts. God gave me the gifts. I’m thankful to him.”

(h/t MMAJunkie.com)

After parting ways with the UFC, Woodley has since gone on to have two boxing matches with Jake Paul. While he fell short in both contests, it is reported that he made a total of upwards of $2 Million per match. To put that in perspective, Woodley’s biggest UFC payday was $590,000, and over the course of his whole MMA career he roughly made $5 Million.

Clearly, a big reason for the large paydays of these boxing matches was because of the massive following that Jake Paul possesses. Nevertheless, the comparison between Boxing and MMA with regard to the earnings of star fighters is considerably different across the board.

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