Tyson: Boxing Lacks Personalities Today

The boxing world was rocked on Sept. 27, when HBO announced it would stop airing boxing following next month’s Daniel Jacobs vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko IBF Middleweight Title bout.

Many reasons were thought of for the reasoning behind the decision from declining ratings (rumored reason) to what audiences are subscribing to HBO for (reason from HBO Sports head Peter Nelson). Another rumored reason is boxing’s decline in popularity in general, and legendary former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson agrees boxing has taken a major downturn in popularity since he fought.

When speaking with reporters in Mumbai to promote the Kumite 1 League mixed martial arts competition, Tyson said the reason boxing isn’t as popular, particularly with younger demographics, is because of a lack of standout personalities.

“It’s just different because they are not the big personalities,” Tyson said. “Most of the [current] fighters are very straightforward guys. They are real nice guys and they are good individuals. I was always in trouble. I was always here and there so that’s why I was always in the papers and that’s why it’s different. These are really straight gentlemen guys. I was really wild and a young kid getting into trouble.”

Many younger fans of combat sports have also turned to MMA and its crop of stars and personalities. Tyson added that he enjoyed last year’s boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

“I go to the UFC all the time,” Tyson said. “That was a good fight. I was entertained.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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