Tyson Cautions McGregor To Avoid His Fate

Asked his thoughts on former UFC double champion Conor McGregor, former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson saw a lot of himself in the Irishman.

“I think he’s an awesome guy,” Tyson said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. “Listen, we don’t know how to handle this stuff. We have millions of dollars and we’ve never had this stuff. Our family never had any of this and we’ve never been around this life.”

“All of a sudden you start fighting, doing something you love to do and you do it easy. Then all of a sudden they give you a lot of money for doing it. But you don’t have no restraint, no control,” Tyson continued.

“You don’t know what to do. You give it away, you buy people gifts they they may not deserve it. You don’t know what to do with it and you feel you don’t deserve it.”

When asked what will it take for McGregor to come back to Earth, Tyson said that it is all dependent on him.

“Conor has to look at himself and ask, ‘What happened? Why am I the way I am and how do I stop this from continuing to be?’”

Transcribed by MMA Mania

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