Tyson Doesn’t Think Wilder Could Beat Him

Deontay Wilder, the current WBC heavyweight champion said in an interview with TMZ Sports last month that he could beat Mike Tyson in his prime.

“Me vs Tyson in 86, I’d kick the hell outta that guy,” said Wilder. “Listen, I’ve got to keep it real I know people always go back to the old school or look at the new school and there’s no school where I’m not no. 1 on earth.”


Even after critics such as Lennox Lewis, a fellow former heavyweight champion spoke against the idea, Wilder doubled down and claimed that no one of Tyson’s generation could beat a current fighter.

“No disrespect to Mike Tyson, in his era he was the best but this is a new era. No old school fighter should beat a new school fighter. Look at the technology we have.

“Nobody has a natural killer instinct as I do, ain’t anybody could ever knock me out. I’m very confident in what I say and I speak what I do.”

When asked about the hypothetical situation by TMZ Sports, Tyson gave a very short and clear answer to the idea set by the “Bronze Bomber.”


“I don’t think so,” Tyson told TMZ Sports.



Original Story: Boxing Scene

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