Tyson Fury: Anthony Joshua Must Beat Me & Deontay Wilder To Become Best Heavyweight Of This Era

Tyson Fury says Anthony Joshua must defeat him and Deontay Wilder to be considered the best heavyweight of this era.

Fury and Joshua are expected to collide in a title unification bout sometime this year. All that stands in the way is securing a location that is guaranteed to bring in over $100 million in revenue. While it’s easier said than done, Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn has insisted that the bout is close to being made official.

Fury told Michelle Phelps of Behind The Gloves that Joshua can’t call himself the gold standard at heavyweight until “AJ” can beat him and Deontay Wilder (via BoxingScene.com).

“When I win I am the best of this era because I beat everyone in it. Klitschko, Wilder and AJ. If AJ wins he will still not have beaten anybody. He has to beat me and Wilder.

“I don’t think he can beat Deontay Wilder, I have no love for Wilder, I think he is a piece of sh!t dosser but I am the only man who can beat him. I am not a betting man but I would put a lot of money on Wilder beating all the others, including Joshua.

“I have helped [Joshua] become a superstar. He only has his career because of me. I took Klitschko’s belts off him then had my problems and the other guys picked them up. Charles Martin would never have had a world title for AJ to win off of him without me.

“I destroyed Klitschko, mentally, physically and spiritually and took every belt he had. Then they were all taken off of me and other people picked them up. I helped them all become world champions.”

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