Tyson Fury confirms he wants to fight Francis Ngannou in a cage

Tyson Fury has reiterated his commitment to sharing the ring octagon with UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou after taking care of Deontay Wilder on July 24 and settling the scores with his British colleague Anthony Joshua.

The Gypsy King is open to wearing the MMA gloves and taking on the Predator in a case. This is daring, to say the least, as most boxers try to lure the MMA stars into sharing the boxing ring with them instead of fighting them in the octagon.

But Fury has a decent explanation for his decision and this had to do something with his training with Nick Diaz.

[Diaz] told me Ngannou can’t do wrestling anyway so we’re just looking for a stand-up bang out,” Fury said. “Me and Ngannou in the small gloves, make it happen. As soon as I’m done with Wilder and Joshua I will fight Ngannou in an octagon with 4oz gloves. He’s not a wrestler anyway, it’s a stand-up fight.”

This is not the first time Fury has shown interest in fighting Ngannou. He called out the UFC champ last month as well and Ngannou responded positively. The Predator is also eager to share haymakers with the Brit.

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