Tyson Fury Devastates Dillian Whyte With Uppercut In Sixth Round

Tyson Fury has once again retained his WBC and Lineal Heavyweight titles, this time in a gritty six round battle with heavyweight power-puncher Dillian Whyte (28-3, 19 KO). Witnessed by a record-breaking crowd of 94,000 at Wembley Stadium, “The Gypsy King” secured his 23rd TKO victory, and 32nd overall win, in the a dramatic display of power by the undefeated champion.

In true Tyson Fury fashion, the main event started off with an elaborate ring walk. During the walk, the crowd at Wembley was so loud that the commentators on the Pay-Per-View broadcast could barely be heard.

In the first two rounds the mind games were on full display, with Dillian Whyte starting in the southpaw stance in hopes of throwing Tyson Fury off, as he would be looking for the threat of the lead left hook. After some probing and feeling out, Tyson Fury would be the one starting the second round in southpaw, while Whyte moved to his natural orthodox stance.

Through the second round, Whyte had some mild success with power punches to the body. But, the way Fury was using feints and beautifully timed check hooks, it was clear that he was beginning to wear Dillian down.

By the fourth round, the professionalism that had been displayed during the week leading up to the fight had completely faded away, as things began to move into more dirty territory inside the clinch. Following an inadvertent clash of heads, that resulted in a small cut above Whyte’s right eye, he delivered an elbow strike while the two fighters were tied up. After receiving a warning from the referee, the two fighters once again clinched along the ropes, this time Whyte would land multiple illegal punches to the back of the head of the champion.

During round five, “The Body Snatcher” continued to move forward in an attempt to control the pace, but Fury used his dynamic movement and feints to make sure he was never in a position of danger. This appeared to be the round that Tyson truly began to loosen up as he utilized the jab to blind his opponent, then followed up with straight rights and left hooks, looking to split the guard and deliver the punch that would end the evening.

Into the sixth, which would prove to be the final round of this heavyweight matchup, Dillian Whyte was loading up with power punches while trying to close the distance. Through Fury’s skill and experience, he saw these hooks coming a mile away, and used this to his advantage to end the fight.

“The Gypsy King” flicked out a jab, as he had been doing all night, but what came behind the jab was not something we had seen from Fury yet in this bout. He delivered a perfectly placed right uppercut to the jaw, that slid right through the channel that was left open, just as Whyte was stepping into striking range.

Following the powerful uppercut, and slight shove, Dillian Whyte fell to the ring’s canvas. While he was able to rise to his feet, he was stumbling and in no shape to continue the match, and the action was called off by the referee once this was clearly noticed.

How he was able to break Dillian Whyte down with the jab, left hook, and straight right in the early rounds is what opened up the opportunity to land a clean right uppercut after tossing the jab out in the sixth.

During the post fight interview, Fury discussed retirement and says he is a man of his word and plans to make this his final match in professional boxing. Shortly after, he was joined in the ring by UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and hinted that in the future the two of them would share the ring in some form of hybrid boxing event using mixed martial arts gloves.

When asked about the illegal shots that he needed to absorb during the fourth round, Fury expressed no feelings of animosity towards Dillain Whyte for these blows in saying “This is not ballet dancing, this is heavyweight boxing, it’s our job.”


Official result: Tyson Fury defeats Dillian Whyte via TKO – Round 6, 2:59

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