Tyson Fury Looks Past Boxing, Says He’s Recording An Album With Ed Sheeran, Adele

If Tyson Fury could choose his dream movie role, it would be Fast & Furious.

After a strong fight against Dillian Whyte, Fury announced retirement. He then briefly teased a comeback fight against old rival Derek Chisora, but recently, on his birthday, he claimed retirement again.

Now, instead of being in the ring, fans might find Fury in the film and music industry.

After announcing retirement again, he reportedly officially gave up his Ring Magazine belt and also had informed the WBC about his retirement.

“I’ve done well out of boxing. The world is open to so many things now. I’m doing a Netflix documentary at the moment,” Fury said in an interview with The Ring Magazine.

“Who knows? You might even see me on the silver screen,”

“I’m going to be recording an album soon. Yeah, I might do a little bit with Ed Sheeran, or Adele.”

Fury would not be the first combat sports champion to make a life for themselves on the silver screen, Conor McGregor is the most recent fighter turned actor.

The former two-time UFC champion will be making his acting debut in the remake of “Road House,” where he’d be working Jake Gyllenhaal.

Despite rumors, McGregor does not plan on moving on from his fighting career full-time, he will be making his return once he is healed from a fractured tibia and fibula, which he sustained in a back-to-back loss to Dustin Poirier last July.

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