Tyson Fury Reportedly Scheduled To Appear On WWE, But Visa Issues Affecting Chances

He debuted in 2019.

Tyson Fury is reportedly missing out on big paydays. 

According to a report from The Sun, the WBC heavyweight champion was scheduled to appear in some WWE events in 2023, but all of that have been casted into doubt and now “appear slim” since Fury is reportedly having trouble getting clearance to enter the U.S. 

A number of outlets previously pointed out that Fury’s connection to alleged Irish cartel boss, Daniel Kinahan, could cause issues for the boxer, and now many believe that Fury’s visa will not clear because of his reported connection to Kinahan, whom he was publicly showed kinship to as a friend and advisor in the past. 

The Sun also reported that Fury was supposed to appear for a show in San Antonio in January and a show in Los Angeles in April. His appearances would have reportedly paid him a few million dollars. 

“Tyson and the legal team or getting this whole grey and tricky area resolved,” a source told The Sun. “But non-entry, quite simply put, means non-payment. 

“The legal team are on the sidelines offering support in this matter,” the source continued, “but ultimately getting approval is on Tyson’s head and how US immigration assesses his case.” 

But Fury isn’t the only one who’s allegedly affected by Kinahan. 

Tommy Fury, Fury’s younger brother, was denied entry to the U.S. over the summer ahead of his scheduled fight against Jake Paul. It was ultimately cancelled after no progress was made. The younger Fury has not publicly shown affiliation to Kinahan. 

Still, the WWE stages events overseas like in the Middle East, which The Sun said could be an option for Fury. Fury made his WWE debut in 2019 against Braun Strowman in Saudi Arabia. 

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