Tyson Fury Said He Would Come Out Of Retirement For Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury isn’t looking for millions of dollars.

Not to fight Anthony Joshua at Wembley Stadium, at least. That’s what the WBC heavyweight champion said during his Victory Tour on Saturday.

“I swear to God I hope he wins the fight against Usyk so that I can come out of retirement and fight him for free,” Fury said.

“However, the terms are this: I want it at Wembley Stadium, I want it free to enter, and I want it on free-to-air television in this country.

“… You heard it here first, and this is going to be in every newspaper tomorrow. I’m fighting for free here in England, not in a foreign country. Here for free for the people.”

The new comments follow Fury’s remarks from last month where the “Gypsy King” said he’d come out of retirement to fight the winner of Oleksandr Usyk-Anthony Joshua for “half a billion” dollars.

A few weeks later, Fury called Joshua a “diva” who doesn’t want to fight, arguing that he tried to make their fight happen at least six times.

“… there will always be somebody else to fight, whether it’s Joshua, Usyk or someone else — Dubois, Joyce. Go and find another sucker to fight them all because I’m all out of getting punched in the face for a few quid. I don’t need it,” Fury previously said.

Joshua will face Oleksandr Usyk on August 20 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in an attempt to regain his three heavyweight belts, which he lost to Usyk last September by unanimous decision.

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