Tyson Fury To Corner Tommy In Jake Paul Fight

Tommy Fury will have his elder brother and WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury in his corner when he takes on Jake Paul on December 18 in Miami.

Both boxers will headline the Showtime Pay-Per-View event.

This is the first time Paul is fighting a professional boxer. The Youtuber has been unbeaten so far, coming off a win against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. He has picked up wins against fellow Youtubers AnEsonGib and ComedyShortsGamer, NBA star Nate Robinson and MMA ace Ben Askren.

Tommy, 22, is the favorite to win the contest, but Paul is bound to give him a tough contest in the middle.

His father John Fury has already warned him that there’s no place for him back home if he doesn’t beat Paul with whom Tommy has shared a beef for months.

“Tommy knows he’s up against a stacked deck, but he should still beat Jake Paul at a canter. And if he can’t, there’s no way in the boxing world for him,” John Fury told BT Sport.

“Tyson’s gonna be in his corner that night. I think Tyson’s flying out there in a few weeks to help him out. Whatever desire he’s missing, Tyson will put there, I’m sure of that.”

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