Tyson Fury Was Injured When He Entered Wilder Trilogy, Says Father

John Fury, father and trainer of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has claimed that his son was suffering from elbow injuries when he fought and beat Deontay Wilder for the third time of the trilogy.

Fury continued his unbeaten streak in the October showdown and retained his WBC strap. After the fight, as John says, Tyson had to undergo surgeries on both elbows to remove bone spurs.

“To be honest it wasn’t a boxing match, was it? Because Tyson was very badly injured going into that fight, he had to have chromosome injections in both elbows, both elbows were numb,” John told BT Sport.

Nonetheless, John doesn’t think the issue is very serious or if it can be an obstacle in Tyson’s upcoming fights.

“He’s since had an operation, six hours, all day in the hospital having to sort out his elbows because I think he had some bone spurs he had to get removed… common thing in sportsmen, especially boxers,” he continued.

“He was handicapped from the beginning. The boxing side of it went out the window because I knew he was going to be like that from early on. When I saw the look in his eye, I just knew he wanted to seek and destroy. That’s what he did and believe me, it was exciting for the paying public.”

Wilder, who lost only twice in his decorated career and both times to the Gypsy King, also suffered a right-hand injury in the last bout. The Bronze Bomber then had to go under surgery as well.

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