Tyson Fury’s Team Denies Having A Mole In Camp

Tyson Fury’s manager, Spencer Brown, laughed off claims the WBC Heavyweight Champion had a mole in camp. 

Fury pulled out for the second time against Oleksandr Usyk after suffering a cut in sparring over his right eye. The news was after speculation he had been dropped in sparring. The former IBF Cruiserweight Champion, Jai Opetaia, was brought into Fury’s camp. He only lasted five rounds, with reports he was sent home after dropping Fury. Johnny Nelson then claimed Fury was getting ‘turned over’ in sparring, increasing suggestions that these leaks were due to a mole in camp. Brown has rejected those claims. 

“I don’t think it’s malicious. I just think it’s somebody. Pillow talk, a few white lies going about, a few misconceptions. That’s what it is, pillow talk. We know in all camps, you can’t spar every day, and you can’t look the best every day,” Brown said

Fury’s brother, Shane Fury, echoed those words. He was clear there was no mole in Fury’s camp. 

“I heard the camp wasn’t going well, and he got dropped in sparring by Jai Opetaia, and somebody else is supposed to have [done it]. None of it ever happened. If the information Johnny was saying was correct, then it would be worrying, but it’s quite comical. If it was true, it wouldn’t be nice because people in the camp, you’re supposed to trust them, and stuff like that shouldn’t get out, even if it did happen,” Shane Fury stated

Fury’s main priority will be to ensure the cut has healed fully. With the new date set for May 18, Turki Alalshikh has said either fighter will pay a $10 million fine if they pull out. Fury knows he cannot leave any stone unturned if he is to become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. 

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