Tyson On Potential Holyfield Fight: ‘That Would Be Awesome’

Since announcing his return to the boxing ring, 53-year-old Mike Tyson has caused a stir around the combat sports world. The former undisputed heavyweight champion has had multiple offers to compete from all over.

Could an old foe end up being the one to face him?

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Tyson (50-6, 2NC) discussed the idea of him facing Evander Holyfield in a third fight for charity. This comes after Holyfield himself announced he would return to the ring. The 57-year-old Holyfield (44-10-2, 1NC) stated he would be interested in facing Tyson, but not in a serious bout. Tyson responded when asked about facing Holyfield, not backing down from the challenge.

“There’s a lot of people out there that need help. Something like that can help a lot of people… I don’t know if me and Evander will get in the ring or something like that. That would be awesome for charity. Can you imagine me and him going in the ring together? ‘Archenemies’, doing it for the humanity of people less fortunate than ourselves,” Tyson stated.

“The Real Deal” beat Tyson in November 1996 for the WBA Heavyweight Title. Holyfield was able to control the fight, beating Tyson via TKO. Tyson did not feel like himself and wasn’t able to get any sort of advantage in the later rounds. They fought one another in a rematch in 1997, with Holyfield winning via DQ. This bout was controversial due to Tyson biting the ear of Holyfield.

Tyson revealed he underwent stem-cell treatment to get himself into shape. Up 325 pounds at one point, Tyson lost a lot of weight, even showing his progress on his new Weibo account. Returning to the ring for the first time since 2005, Tyson is looking to fight for those who are drug addicts and are going through other hardships.

Holyfield stated he will be fighting for #Unite4OurFight, an organization that helps overcome challenges and adversity for children and first responders. It is a huge part of The Evander Holyfield Foundation. Holyfield later revealed that Tyson’s team has been in contact with his.

As far as other bouts, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship has offered him $20 million to compete while active and retired fighters want a piece of “Iron” Mike. The WBC even offered to rank him as a fighter if he chose to make his return official. Tyson didn’t dismiss anything, stating he is focused on his main goal of charity for now.

“Hey, listen, I’m just having fun looking good, showing off my new bod and stuff,” Tyson went on to say. “Anything is possible, you know? My ego is starting to get elated… we’ll see, the future has a lot of things to hold for us.”

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