UFC 277: Amanda Nunes Regains Bantamweight Title

“The Lioness” is back with a bang and has reclaimed her throne. Amanda Nunes has already established herself as one of the finest mixed martial artists (MMA) of all time. However, no matter how great you are, there are always some things in your resume that elude you from becoming the benchmark.

However, her comprehensive win over Julianna Pena over five rounds has only strengthened her case of being the greatest MMA athlete as she regained her bantamweight title.

It was one of those fights in which the winner was dominant ever since the first bell rang. Nunes’ speed and trickery were simply too much for the American.

The first round was dominated by the Brazilian through her speed and movement. However, it was the second round when the fight was truly turned into an exhibition by Nunes.

In Round 2, the 34-year-old secured three knockdowns as Pena tried to be the aggressor. However, it was to no avail as Nunes fended off all her attacks through brilliant counter-attacking moves.

The three knockdowns in the second round set a record for the most in a women’s fight in UFC history. From there on, Nunes was in the driver seat as she opened a huge gash on Pena’s hairline, which would only get worse in the future rounds.

However, Pena did try to cause an upset by going for a submission move in Round 4. Nunes tried everything in her power to come out of that move and was successfully able to.

However, that was the final substantial move by the American as the 34-year-old eventually took her down in Round 5.

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