UFC 285: Jon Jones Returns To Face Ciryl Gane-Here’s What He Said

On March 4th, 2023, Jon Jones will make his long-awaited return to the UFC octagon to face Ciryl Gane in a fight for the vacant heavyweight championship title.

If victorious, Jones will become the eighth fighter to have earned multi-divisional titles in UFC history, and many will consider him to be the best of the sport once more.

Even though Alexander Volkanovski is the current featherweight champion and was recently defeated by Islam Makhachev, the UFC still acknowledges him as the number one man. And Jones is content with leaving that honor to Volkanovski.

“I’m honored to still be here.  It’s great to still be here. I’ve been inactive over the last three years when it comes to the UFC space…Volkanovski has been very active, and I do believe that he deserves to be the top fighter in the world, him and Islam. I think Volkanovski kept that title after a loss. He deserves it,” Jones


Despite this being the case, Jones is thought by many to be the greatest light heavyweight of all time and is on the shortlist for best fighters to ever compete in the cage.

He has the most wins in UFC title fight history with 14, and he is widely regarded as the top of the sport for nearly a decade. As he begins his new chapter at the age of 35, moving up a weight class, Jones is aware of the challenges.

“I’m ready for whatever. I’m ready to dominate. But if I don’t dominate and the fight goes five rounds, I’m ready to press forward, I’m ready for a dog fight, I’m ready to bleed and sweat and leave my heart out there. I’m ready for however it goes. I feel pretty prepared for victory,” Jones. 

Failed Drug Tests

He has asserted that due to a 2019 update of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s regulations which has raised the permissible amount of banned substances to 100 picograms, his past test results are no longer legitimate.

“USADA has changed some of the rules regarding picograms and what’s allowed, and I’ve come to find out that all my findings are all under the new legal limit, meaning that I would’ve been cleared from every test that I’ve ever taken, and that means a lot to me,” Jones

Prior to his comeback to the UFC, Jones had several positive tests. This led to a punishment from the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

Following his return to the UFC, Jones was tested again and tested positive for turinabol, resulting in a 15-month suspension and the reversal of his win against Daniel Cormier to a no-contest.

“If that same rule would’ve applied back then, it would’ve never made the media. It would’ve never been a big deal at all. My win over Daniel Cormier wouldn’t be a no contest. It would be a knockout, a KO victory. So, I’m hoping that with these rule changes, we could go back and make that no contest a win.”

And with the fight almost here, Jones’ return cannot come soon enough.

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