UFC 286 Kneebar Will Result In Mokaev On The Sideline For Extended Period Of Time

UFC 286 saw Muhammad Mokaev maintain his undefeated record. Unfortunately, it may have also cost him some time away from competition.

Muhammad Mokaev took his unbeaten streak to 10-0 in his UFC 286 clash against Jafel Filho, but the win almost cost him his leg.

Mokaev is dubbed as the next big thing from Dagestan. In the UFC 286 fight, Filho got him in a deep kneebar early in the fight. The Brazilian star applied immense pressure on Mokaev’s leg, almost bending it in the opposite direction, which had the viewers in shock.

However, the Dagestan star did not tap out, something which no one was expecting him to do considering how good Filho had gripped him. He went on to bear the pain and eventually walked away with a win.

While he did secure the rear naked choke on Filho toward the end of the third round to walk away victorious, Mokaev did have trouble walking back to the locker room.

A day later, he updated his fans about the leg that Filho had trapped in the kneebar.

Mokaev added: “I will do MRI tomorrow morning; I hope it’s all good, but I can’t walk at the moment, but I’m still very happy with my performance.”

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