UFC 303 Has Been Scheduled For International Fight Week 2024

This June, International Fight Week will take over Las Vegas, and it is now official that UFC 303 will overlap with the festivities.

Additionally, the 12th annual International Fight Week will include this year’s UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony as well as the UFC X Fan event.

While the organization made their official announcement of the event this past Saturday, they did not yet name any bouts on the card.

While no fights have been announced, Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler’s names are tied to this card in the minds of many, considering the unofficial announcement the Irishman made on social media back in December.

This announcement has NOT been corroborated by anyone other than McGregor, and it is now widely thought to simply be a publicity stunt to keep the conversations surrounding the bout going.

June will be another monumental month for the UFC. In addition to International Fight Week and UFC 303, the UFC 302 PPV event is scheduled for June 1st in New Jersey, and the company will also travel to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on June 22nd.

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