UFC ‘Beefing’ With Paulo Costa To Fight At Light Heavyweight After Latest Weight Cutting Issue

Paulo Costa held his previous fight against Marvin Vettori. This bout was supposed to be held in the middleweight division, but Costa could not make weight, so they agreed to fight at a catchweight.

The fight finally happened at light heavyweight. Costa lost the close fight with Vettori. Still, UFC President Dana White wants him to make the full-time move to light heavyweight.

“We’re beefing with Costa right now over (the weight issue),” White said.

“Is there a person in this room who thinks he can come in the next fight and is confident he can come in and weigh 185 pounds? Exactly. Anybody? Raise your hand, please. Yeah, didn’t think so. So yeah, that’s what we’re going through right now with him.”

Costa already had the chance of winning the middleweight title, but Adesanya outstroke him in the title fight. Adesanya earned a second-round TKO victory and cut the undefeated streak of the Brazilian.

After that fight, Costa claimed he lost because he spent the night drinking wine and was not sober.

Either way, Costa looked well at light heavyweight, many fans said. He got tired, but still was able to throw the bombs for all five rounds.

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