UFC Champion Sean Strickland Shares Views On Material Possessions

Sean Strickland, the newly crowned UFC middleweight titleholder, delivered a meaningful statement regarding materialism during his most recent episode of The Man Dance podcast.

Earlier this month, at UFC 293 in Australia, Strickland shocked the world and dominated two-time champion Israel Adesanya throughout their 5-round contest. Having fought in the UFC for over nine years now, Strickland (28-5) has become known for his outspokenness and questionable opinions, but the statements he made last week really hit home for many, who are now viewing the 185-pound king as a man of the people.

“The reason why I drive like a sh*tty Hyundai is one I’m cheap, very cheap. But like the entire world makes you feel inadequate. Everything we do from what you wear to what you drive. You are born living in the… f**king a commercial. When you’re a little infant and you’re watching TV, you are born looking at Audi and Mercedes commercials. When you hand in a kid a cell phone they are born and being f**king brainwashed.”

“And, like I love America more than anything, but I do not recognize the world we live in. We are creating a generation of boys who judge their character by what they drive and what they wear. I don’t want to participate in making people feel like you are not enough. If you make, if you work an 8-hour job, if you do rebar, if you do electrical. I think that value of you is by how you act, by the kind of father you are. And it’s a damn shame. It’s a damn shame that we let corporations come in this country and we ruin the idea of what a f**king man is.”

With many people finding it challenging to operate in a materialistic America, and struggling with their ‘status’ being based on what kind of car they drive, or what kind of clothes they wear, Strickland’s views on the subject come as a breath of fresh air. After having shared some extremely questionable outlooks in the past, this one has come off as the most genuine and delivered the most powerful message.

“So as long as I’m a f**king champion you guys, for you, enjoy your old f**king crocs, enjoy your old beat-up f**king Honda Civics, man. Just enjoy that sh*t.”


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