UFC Fight Ends Before It Begins

Within the past few days Jeremy Stephens has returned to the headlines during his weigh-in against Drakkar Klose. Stephens being a seasoned veteran in the Stephens has seen a lot of crazy things, but this was a new one even to him.

If you don’t know that much about UFC, the fighters weigh in before their bout to make sure they are under the agreed upon weight. Well the weigh-ins typically end with a stare down between the two competitors. This is often a tense moment among the fighters, especially those with a lot of beef between them. Well it was in this weigh-in that Stephens shoved Klose. This is exactly how the fight ended before it began, so to speak.

Well this was not just any small shove though, in fact it left Klose diagnosed with a concussion and a neck sprain. When asked why Stephens shoved Klose, Stephens stated it “was due to his opponent ‘breaking conduct’ and getting in his face”. We are not really sure what conduct Klose would have been breaking, and getting in a fighter’s face is pretty much the standard in the UFC.

Stephens also tried to back up his shove with further talk about Klose’s weakness and that he had underlying injuries that caused the concussion. No matter how the concussion came to be, we would never want to see someone injured although it is a large part of the UFC.

Dana White has taken the incident very seriously and has since instated a few new rules. One rule is that fighters will not be allowed to make physical contact with one another during the weigh-in stare downs specifically. The result of violating this rule is fines and a suspension, so save the contact for the fight gentlemen.

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