UFC Fight Night: Marlon Vera Knocks Out Dominick Cruz With Head Kick

Marlon Vera showed no mercy to Dominick Cruz Saturday night.

Vera (20-7-1) landed a left kick to Cruz’s (24-4)head that sent him crashing to the canvas in the fourth round. He became the first bantamweight with 10 finishes in UFC history.

The fight was aggressive from the very first round.

Cruz was dominating, showing his unique footwork and head movement, attacking from different angles while “Chito” Vera was waiting for his best shots to finish the fight early.

While Cruz was trying to earn another decision victory in his style, Chito was doing the same, waiting for Cruz to get tired.

He dropped Cruz several times, but in the fourth round, he read the former champion’s movement, threw a punch with the following left high kick, and finished the fight right away.

Chito earned another finish and is most likely one fight away from the title.

The co-main event fight was named the “Fight of the Night” for a reason.

In the first round, David Onama had his moments and dropped Nate Landwehr several times. However, he got exhausted, and in the second round, Landwehr destroyed his rival.

It looked like Onama barely started the third round, and Landwehr was already dominating against him a lot.

Landwehr earned the unanimous decision victory. It was his third fight where he was named as an underdog but was the one whose hand was raised in the octagon.

Check out the rest of the records below:

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