UFC Fighter Challenges Actor Vince Vaughn To Fight

Legendary Hollywood actor Vince Vaughn was in attendance for UFC’s Saturday Fight Night and received a surprise callout from an upcoming lightweight, Rafael Fiziev.

Fiziev won his fifth straight UFC fight against Brad Riddell with a vicious spinning wheel kick. After the fight, he pointed to Vaughn in the crowd and comically offered to fight him next in the octagon.

“Give me three months, and I’m ready to fight again,” Fiziev said in his post-fight interview. “We have one legend here, maybe he wants to fight with me. Yeah, his name Vince Vaughn … Yeah, I love him.”

Vaughn laughed off the offer and was seen appreciating the fighter’s performance. But many MMA fans are giving him a good chance of winning the contest if he ever steps in the octagon.

Vaughn is an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been training for almost five years now. He is reportedly one rank away from the coveted black belt. And considering his performance in “Brawl in Cell Block 99,” Vaughn could prove to be a tough challenge for the lightweight.

But since the emergence of the news, there has been much speculation going around in the MMA circle, with many fans tipping Vaughn to come out victorious.

“Give me Vince Vaughn. He would whip this dummy,” a fan on social media predicted.

“After this and the Hasbulla call-out, he’s easily my new favorite UFC personality,” another fan added.

One fan had a safe piece of advice for the veteran actor, stating, “Vince is going to need to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge this one..”

Vaughn’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu mentor, Rener Gracie, has also lauded the commitment shown by the veteran actor towards his training regardless of his busy work schedule.

“Occasionally he would need to travel to film a movie, but he always finds a place to train on the road,” Gracie said.

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