UFC Fighter Starts GoFundMe For Cornermen

One of the questions regarding fighters pay, is the cost they must take to get their team to fly with them across the world. When it comes to UFC heavyweight Timothy Johnson, he finds himself in a situation where he’s asked fans for help.

Johnson who is booked for UFC’s return to Brazil on February 3rd, has started a GoFundMe page to help fly two of his cornermen to Brazil. While the UFC covers plane tickets for up to two cornermen, most fighters have more than two, which has had Johnson turning to the fans.

On the page, Johnson broke down the situation himself:

“As many know the UFC has me traveling around the world for fights. What most people don’t know is they only pay for 2 tickets. Sponsorship money is tight and had a few not contribute to this trip. So I’m asking for your help in the last minute ditch effort to help get my other two coaches to Brazil for my fight, as this will be going towards their flights. Any extra will be donated to wounded warriors or a similar donation. Thanks for your time and support.”

That is the fourth time in his seven scheduled bouts that Johnson (11-4, 3-3 UFC) has been assigned to compete outside of North America. He previously fought in England, Ireland, and Croatia.

Johnson is not the first fighter to try this. Last year, UFC lightweight Paul Felder was in a similar circumstance and set up his own GoFundMe page to get his team to Brazil for a fight. He ended up raising $2900, falling well short of his $7500 goal.

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