UFC Fighter’s Heart Stopped Minutes Before Scheduled Fight

One UFC fighter had quite a health scare and is happy to be alive.

Back on August 1, Trevin Giles was supposed to take on Kevin Holland. As Giles was warming up in the backstage area, something went wrong. Giles fainted and was taken to the hospital. Needless to say, his scheduled bout with Holland was canceled.

Giles told MMAJunkie.com that tests revealed that his heart stopped for a period of time.

“Apparently something weird was going on with my heart that they saw. I ended up getting transported. They looked at me for a little bit. Actually, while I was in (the hospital), I was talking to one of my cornermen. He was there sitting there next to me. We were just having a casual conversation and one of the nurses was looking at the monitor. Apparently, from what she said, as I was talking to him, my heart stopped for a longer period of time than usual.”

Giles went on to say that the doctor theorized that a drop in his heart rate led to him passing out.

“He said it happens to some people. For some reason mine just lasted a lot longer than other people. They decided to keep me in the hospital overnight to monitor me. They said it happened a couple of times while I slept, too. They believe something may have happened where my heart rate probably dropped, and it caused me to pass out.”

Giles is set to return to action this Saturday night, November 7. He will take on Bevon Lewis in the featured preliminary bout on the UFC Vegas 13 card.

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