UFC Files Trademark For ‘Fight Island’

Dana White and the UFC are one step closer to making the idea of “Fight Island” a reality.

The promotion has filed for a number of trademarks, via the United States Parent and Trademark agency. There are over 22 filings; 11 for “Fight Island” and 11 for “UFC Fight Island.” Trademark attorney Josh Gerben broke down the significance of the filings, which include rights to names of events and merchandise opportunities.

The idea of a “Fight Island” came into play during the drama surrounding UFC 249. In the wake of the coronavirus, multiple sporting events were getting postponed. The UFC had to postpone three events, and eventually UFC 249. Dana told TMZ that he has a secret location in mind for the event on April 18, but that wasn’t all. Since fighters from outside the United States couldn’t enter the country due to travel restrictions, Dana stated he secured an island to host fights in.

Once UFC 249 was postponed due to California Governor Gavin Newsom calling Disney with his concerns, “Fight Island” was back on Dana’s mind. When the first event would be on the island is unknown, but Dana was adamant the UFC would be back up and running soon.

“We will be the first sport back,” White stated. “‘Fight Island’ is real, it is a real thing. The infrastructure is being built right now and that’s really going to happen. It will be on ESPN.”

As of now, the UFC is looking to host an event on May 9 from within the United States. The company will continue to rely on area’s that will allow them access to compete. When “Fight Island” is completed, Dana is expecting multiple events to take place there.

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